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Who is David Ada-Winter ?

Professionally David Ada-Winter is a software engineer. He has considerable experience as an IT software consultant. From the late 80's he worked for technology companies like IBM and AT&T, financial companies like Knight-Ridder, Goldman Sachs, Dreyfuss, Marsh and McLennan and others. He worked as System Administrator on various UNIX and LINUX systems such as IBM AIX, Sun, Apollo, HP and Intel. He was and still is a LINUX System Administrator at Robohigh, Inc. His experience is especially extensive as Database Administrator. Worked for years with Oracle, Sybase and DB2 systems back in the 90's. From 2000 on he increasingly turned his attention to WEB integration of RDBMS systems and worked extensively with MySQL and PostgreSQL. He is currently a Database Administrator of both at Robohigh, Inc. Another main area of his experience is software development. Throughout the 90's he worked on numerous C/C++ development projects. From the 90's and increasingly in the 2000s he turned his attention to WEB development using PHP, HTML and PERL. While at it, he developed numerous administrative scripts using BASH and PERL.

David Ada-Winter was born in Budapest, Hungary. He graduated from the Fazekas Highschool in 1981 and from the Kando Graduate School in 1985. With his father, Dr. Peter Ada-Winter, he published a book on Assembly Programming of the Timex Spectrum personal computer in 1986 in Hungarian. This book is available on this WEB site. Since 1987 he lives in the New York Metro area.

Privately, David Ada-Winter got married in 1992. He has a collection of computer science related professional books. His main interests are computers and videos. He developed numerous software applications to solve his own personal problems like the catalog of his DVDs and blu-ray disks. But also developed software for his own personal curiosity. He builds PCs both for use of his clients and for fun.


Available on this WEB Site
Freely available a copy of David's resume. As a software consultant, David constantly seeks contracts. Feel free to download his resume or - if you have a potential contract available for him - call him at (201) 927-3079. Also freely available on this site, Peter and David's book on the Hardware Description and Assembly Programming of the Sinclair Timex ZX-Spectrum personal computer. But pls. keep in mind that the book is very old and it is only available in Hungarian as it has never been translated to English or any other language. The personal aspects of this WEB sites are all password protected and are only available to personal friends of David.