David's IT Services

Brief List of Professional IT Services Provided by David
System Administration of UNIX/LINUX/Windows Systems
Oracle, Sybase, MSSQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL Database Administration
C/C++ Programming
BASH, CSH and Microsoft Shell Scripting
PERL Scripting and Programming
WEB Programming in HTML
Server Side Programming in CGI PERL orPHP
Assembler Application and System Programming
PC Hardware Repair, PC Building, Windows and LINUX Installation


Available on this WEB Site
Freely available a copy of David's resume. As a software consultant, David constantly seeks contracts. Feel free to download his resume or - if you have a potential contract available for him - call him at (201) 927-3079. Also freely available on this site, Peter and David's book on the Hardware Description and Assembly Programming of the Sinclair Timex ZX-Spectrum personal computer. But pls. keep in mind that the book is very old and it is only available in Hungarian as it has never been translated to English or any other language. The personal aspects of this WEB sites are all password protected and are only available to personal friends of David.