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    • 20 years experience with financial companies such as Univest Securities, Morgan Stanley, Marsh & McLennan, Dreyfus, The Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs and with technology firms like IBM.
    • 12 years of PHP and mySQL experience.
    • Worked on High Traffic Content site at Morgan Stanley.
    • Experience with UNIX, LINUX, MS-Windows and mainframe systems and has programmed in PERL, BASH, C/C++, HTML, JAVASCRIPT and PHP extensively. Expert with major databases such as PHP, MySQL and others as well as scripting such as BASH and PERL.  Extensive experience with UNIX/LINUX servers, TCP/IP networks and client-server architectures as well as WEB based systems. Accustomed to work in high stress environment with brokers and legal staff.


    03/2007 – Present                 Univest Securities, Inc. - NYC                                                      
                                                      CIO, PHP MySQL Perl Programmer

    • Administered and developed SQL scripts for MySQL Database. Maintained and configured Squirrel Mail using PHP and HTML programming. Developed numerous PHP scripts for database administration via WEB interface. Developed and WEB sites in PHP/HTML with MySQL back end. Developed PHP/MySQL module with PERL loader to update commission information via the WEB interface.
    • Created PERL and PHP server side modules to serve this information via Univest’s English language WEB site
    • Developed PHP and PERL server side components to Univest’s Chinese language WEB site
    • Developed numerous PERL text processing scripts as LINUX and SOLARIS system administrator.
    • Developed additional reporting PERL scripts to SQL*Ledger, a PERL and PostgreSQL based accounting system. Participated in installation and configuration of LINUX and SOLARIS servers using RedHat and Slackware technology. As system administrator responsible for load balancing, LINUX kernel configuration and tuning as well as compilation. As system and network administrator, installed and configured and tested Volume managers and clustering systems.
    • Installed and configured JOOMLA content management tool and MySQL-based WEB site .
    • As system and database administrator, developed, reworked and modified numerous PERL system administration and database scripts. Installed and modified SQL*Ledger, a PERL and WEB-based accounting system.
    • Developed PERL scripts for real time market data access on Univest WEB servers.

    09/2010 – 03/2011                       Citibank – NYC         
    AUTOSYS, Korn Shell Script and SQL Developler    

      • Participated in team effort to extend AUTOSYS/Oracle/UNIX environment to a new class of Citibank branch offices. During these procedures developed HPUX and Solaris AUTOSYS scripts, Korn Shell scripts and C programs. Also, tested these program elements all the way through the project life cycle of putting them into production. The AUTOSYS scheduling jobs executed the HPUX and Solaris shell scripts and connectivity scripts to Oracle back end and NDMs for subsystem data transfer.

      08/2006 – 03/2007                       Morgan Stanley, Inc. – NYC
      UNIX Consultant    

        • Developed C application from December 2006 to March 2007 running on LINUX to simulate NYC regional outage for London-deployed LINUX servers, Windows 2003 servers and Windows XP clients; tested and documented developed application called Project “Blackhole”.
        • Participated in the team effort of Business Continuity Plan on the Heathrow Tertiary Data Center Project. Participated in creation of an alternative data center for client-server (distributed) applications, Sybase Databases. Duplicated mission-critical mainframe operations of New York functions in Morgan Stanley’s London site.
        • Worked towards a test of Morgan Stanley’s BCP backup site in London from September of 2006 to November of 2006.

        1999 – 08/2006                       Univest Securities, Inc. - NYC                                                      
                                                        CIO, PHP/C++/PERL Developer and MySQL and PostgreSQL Administrator

        • Developed PHP/HTML software with MySQL back end for
        • Performed Database and WEB integration using PostgreSQL and MySQL 4.
        • Developed numerous PERL data loading scripts into MySQL database.
        • As system administrator, built and configured DNS and NFS servers.
        • Built and configured CISCO and LINUX firewalls.
        • Administered NT servers.
        • Developed UNIX and LINUX shell scripts using PERL and BASH.
        • Configured NIS to standardize host and network files enterprise wide. Experimented with NIS+ and configured NIS+ tables to port NIS functions to SUN SOLARIS.
        • Installed and maintained RAID systems, performed disk tasks such as disk mirroring, online, load balancing for frequent database access, disk recovering, managing disk groups and performed hot relocation with VERITAS VOLUME MANAGER version 3.2 and 3.3.
        • Installed, configured, programmed and performed support role for securities broker on Thomson One trading product and Classic ILX, a real time quote system.
        • Performed UNIX/LINUX system administration, maintenance and configuration scripts using PERL and BASH.
        • Converted Sybase legacy database to Oracle 10.2.
        • Installed and configured 3A Employee Monitoring system with Oracle 10.2.
        • Developed applications using MOD_PERL, PHP, HTML, and C/C++.
        • Established a server farm with internet super server using Slackware LINUX hosting 18 WEB sites, email via sendmail, WEB-based email using Squirrel Mail, WEB development using PHP, HTML and CGI scripting using PERL; DNS Server.
        • Performed Database and WEB integration using Oracle 10.2 RDBMS and MySQL 4.
        • Developed PERL CGI scripts to connect HTML pages directly to email files, system files and Oracle 10.2 database.
        • Coded PERL CGI script to email maintenance data for LINUX system administration purposes.
        • Developed a programmed trading application to trade securities and options using TradeStation from Trade Station Securities, using EasyLanguage.  TradeStation is an internet-based datafeed with a programmable front end.
        • Created a Document Management System according to latest SEC standard. Store electronic records according to NASD requirements.
        • Developed PERL CGI script to submit Credit Card information to PayPal for internet payment.
        • Programmed and installed internet store for a software sale WEB site, developed using PERL, HTML, PHP, MySQL 4 the Univest Securities, Inc. WEB site .
        • Performed System Administration duties on UNIX, LINUX and Windows systems. This entailed LOG file analysis, performance tuning, load balancing, etc.

        1997 – 1998                            Marsh and McLennan, Inc. - NYC                                                               
                                                        UNIX/LINUX/SOLARIS System and Oracle Database Administrator

        • Database Administration of Oracle RDBMS on HPUX and SOLARIS platforms, Database Installation on HP and SUN Platforms, Cooperation with WEB team for internet integration. Functioned as Database Administrator created several PERL and BASH scripts related to Oracle Database Administration.

        1997                                        Consultant - Metropolitan Transit Authority - Brooklyn, NY                                             

        • Working with Data Team on new Relational Database Design, Participating in Program and Program Flow Design, Migrating old COBOL code to modern C/C++ on HP platform. Functioned primarily as Data Designer. Participated in ported old mainframe application to HPUX.

        1996 – 1997                            Consultant - Dreyfus Corp.  - Wilton, CT                                                                          

        • Developed a three tiered Risk Management application for Dreyfuss using C++ and Oracle. Performed support duties for Oracle Relational Databases for Coffee and Grain Futures Trading Floors on Novell Netware Platform, Working with Design and Program Team on Platform Specific Integration Issues. Working with futures brokers on programming and Oracle database administration related issues.

        1995 – 1996                            Consultant - Federal Reserve Bank of New York - NYC                                                

        • Administering Oracle Databases to various departments of the Bank, Working with Design and Program Teams on Database integration. Functioned primarily as Oracle Database administrator, developed numerous UNIX shell scripts in PERL and Borne Shell related to Oracle programming and database administration. Worked with SQL programming team on Oracle related issues.

        1994 – 1995                            Consultant - Goldman Sachs, Inc. - NYC                                                                        

        • Working with Database Group on ongoing Sybase Administration issues. Working with System Design Team on Database related design issues. Functioned primarily as Sybase database administrator and programmer. Developed Borne Shell scripts as well as C programs for bookkeeping and accounting purposes.

        1993 – 1994                            Consultant - IBM - Tarrytown, NY                                                                               

        • Participated in AIX Operating System Development for IBM. Worked with AGORA Group on Design and Implementation for Serial Line Interface Protocol for IBM RS6000 using UNIX shell script and C.

        1992 – 1993                            Consultant - AT&T - Bridgewater, NJ                                                                          

        • Worked with a team of consultants redesigning mainframe-based database and moving it to RISC-based Oracle Platforms. Installing and administering Oracle databases, participating in Design and Implementation of a three-tiered interoffice environment. Functioned in the team effort as Oracle database designer, administrator and programmer. Developed several UNIX scripts for data migration.

        1990 – 1992                            Knight-Ridder Corp. - NYC                                                                      
                                                        System Programmer

        • Functioned as programmer and program designer for financial news feed applications. Participated in application development team work for Trading Systems.

        1989 – 1990                            FD Consulting, Co. - Staten Island, NY                                                   
                                                        Support Analyst and UNIX System Administrator

        • Worked first as Support person and then as programmer for MIPS, Market Information Platform System, a real-time market data application on SUN SOLARIS. Developed components of the application using C and UNIX shell scripts.

        1988 – 1989                            B&H Electronics, Corp - Monroe, NY                                     
                                                        HPUX System Administrator

        • Worked as UNIX system administrator on HPUX platforms. Worked with engineering team, installed and upgraded HPUX operating system. Developed UNIX scripts for a team of engineers to solve engineering problems. Also, developed an accounting system using Mac II and AUX.

        1987                                        Columbia University Presbyterian Hospital Cancer Center - NYC                                                                                  Programmer

        • Functioned as FORTRAN programmer. Worked with a team of doctors and programmers on cancer administration issues.


        • Trade Station Strategy Application Development Course - August, 2005
        • Sybase Database Administration course - Sybase Corp. - 1998
        • Oracle RBMS Administration - Oracle Corp. - 1994
        • HP-UX UNIX System Administration - Hewlett-Pacard Corp. - 1988
        • MS in Computer Science and Semiconductor Engineering 1984 - Kando University, Budapest, Hungary
        • BS in Computer Science 1982 - Kando University, Budapest, Hungary

Available on this WEB Site
Freely available a copy of David's resume. As a software consultant, David constantly seeks contracts. Feel free to download his resume or - if you have a potential contract available for him - call him at (201) 927-3079. Also freely available on this site, Peter and David's book on the Hardware Description and Assembly Programming of the Sinclair Timex ZX-Spectrum personal computer. But pls. keep in mind that the book is very old and it is only available in Hungarian as it has never been translated to English or any other language. The personal aspects of this WEB sites are all password protected and are only available to personal friends of David.